Kite boarding lessons and rates from beginner to advance! 



Beginner Lessons – 10 hours: 

Private: R7 250 per person

beginner kiting surfing lessons Our beginner lessons take you from Zero to Hero. It includes all the equipment and a qualified instructor.

IKO or VDS Qualified instructors will be taking you through the nitty gritty of safety procedures to make sure you are properly prepared for every situation. You will then hit the water with a de-powered kite to start out with. Once your kite skills meet the requirements, you will be given a board and led through your first board starts. Once you are up and riding, it’s all about deciding which direction you want to go. With this course, most people end up completely independent. Bring a friend for a group discount.

Advanced Lessons – min 2 hours:

Private: R800 per person per hour

getting ready for downwind dash kitesurfing in langebaan

Taking you from the average Joe to the high flier. Learning to jump and perfect the tricks of the big boys takes a lot of falling off and starting again. With our Advanced course we can minimize that as much as possible. Our instructors have learned the tools to jump high and more importantly land it feet first. Why not take advantage of their knowledge and save yourself

Refresher Course – min 2 hours:

Private: R800 per person per hour

making sure you know you safety kiting lessonsYou have done the training, went through the safety and are eager to get going…. but that was a year ago.
Better make sure to dust off those cobwebs before throwing yourself to the elements.
The refresher is just a way to remind yourself of what you already know, to have the confidence to face your kite with excitement instead of hesitant fear.